My memorabilia collection

On this website you will find a part of my collection. Basically I dont sell items that Im presenting here. If anything, then I am interested to buy new memorabilia for my collection. But sometimes I have dublicates (programmes, tickets, pins), that I can offer for sale or a swap. In case you have FC-Thun-shirts (match worn), pins/badges, scarves, match programs or something else, that you would like to sell, then you can send me an offer (please add your asking price and informations about the item).

Difficult search

I actually am a longtime supporter of swiss side FC Thun, but its only about four years ago, that I started to collect memorabilia. Thats why my collection is quite moderate, so to speak. Especially if I compare it with the stock of other collectors/memorabilia investors. Its actually not that easy to find memorabilia of FC Thun. It is only their 11th season in the top tier of the Swiss Football League and actually the 10th within this century. Thun played in the third or even forth division for about 80 years. Ergo: few fans, little money... almost no memorabilia. And from what little they produced, almost nothing was preserved until today. As a new collector you most likely wont find any memorabilia from the last century, other than a matchprogram from a friendly between Oldham Athletic and FC Thun (1966) or an old logo pin batch. A collection of memorabilia from any other club recently playing in a top flight may grow by leaps and bounds, but this definitely doesnt apply to a FC Thun collection.

Some old and rare placards:




1952/53 FC Thun badge, promotion from 3rd to 2nd tier