Matchprograms national championship (from 2011/12)

Most clubs of the swiss Super League are willing to send you match programs, except: Grasshoppers Club Zürich (they only print programs for international competitions) and FC Thun. The staff of FCT actually would be happy to help, but FC Thun only prints a small amount of programs for each match, thats why it happens quite often, that allready on the match day, you wont find programs anymore. I visit every match, nevertheless I was not able to get programs at each game! 


As I only started to collect purposefully in 2011, my collection of footballprograms from the national championships before season 2011/12 is quite incomplete. Thats why I didnt make an inventory list of older footballprograms of the national championship. Im actually interested in most programs from 2010/11 and earlier, if they are in good condition. When FC Thun moved to the new Arena Thun in 2011, I tried to find as many programs as possible from then on. Thats when I started to make an inventory list in Excell. If you have a program that I still need, I would be glad if you could make me an offer. Each program that I have more than twice I can offer for sale or swap. You can download the file here:

FC Thun match programmes national.xlsx (19478)