Club scarves from FC Thun

1989-1998 club scarf FC Thun

Official club scarf from FC Thun. Unfortunately I dont know when exactly this scarf was produced. All I know is, that this logo was in use between summer 1989 and 1998 (when the club celebrated the centennial). For the jubilee they designed a new logo, and changed it again a year...

2004/05 FC Thun runners-up scarf

This is a scarf that was produced to celebrate the fact, that FC Thun finished season 2004/05 as runners-up. Founded in 1898, FC Thun played in lower leagues for decades. 2004/05 was only FC Thun's fourth year in Switzerlands top league. That the club finished on second...

2004-11-20 Swiss Cup 1/8 final scarf: FC Thun - FC Basel

Matchday-scarf from the 1/8 final of the Swiss cup, season 2004/05 (FC Thun-FC Basel).

2005 approx. FC Thun 1898 club scarf

Simple summer scarf from FC Thun. Same print on both sides.

2005 approx. Hopp FC Thun scarf

I don't know much about this scarf. But it suppose, its some unofficial scarf, sold by some fly-pitcher, produced and sold during the Champions League season 2005/06. If you know something about this item (age/origin/manufacturer), please don't hesitate to leave a message ! Thanks.

2006 FC Thun club scarf

Official club scarf from FC Thun (sold at the fanshop). Can't remember when I bought this scarf, but I think it was between 2005 and 2008. 

2007/08 mission "league stay" scarf

A fan-made scarf from season 2007/08. After a couple of rounds it was allready clear, that this season would be a difficult one - on and off the pitch. Thats why the fans claimed a huge effort from each player and staff member to ensure FC Thun's stay in the highest division of the...

2008-02-27 Swiss Cup semifinal scarf: FC Basel - FC Thun

Match day scarf from the Swiss Cup semifinal of season 2007/08. Despite the disturbances off the pitch and the unsuccessfulness in the championship, FC Thun qualified for the Swiss Cup semifinal, played on 27 february 2008. Thun was drawn against FC Basel and many experts predicted Thun...

2009/10 "Defeater of the Cup winner" scarf

"Cupsieger Besieger" scarf from season 2009/10. Loosely translated it means: "Defeater of the Cup winner". It was produced after 18 october 2009, because FC Thun (at that time playing in the second division) was able to beat the previous year's winner of the Swiss Cup (FC Sion) in the...

2011/12 club scarf FC Thun (summer)

In summer 2011 FC Thun moved to the new stadium. Simultaneously the club revised its corporate design/logo and introduced a whole new collection of memorabilia (scarves, pins and more). This is one of the first scarves (summer edition). 

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