FC Thun fanclubs


officialy founded in 2004, but allready exists since 1995. Is the most traditional fanclub that still exists. Aebikurve is moderating the FC Thun forum.


Founded 2003, but not very active anymore (the club has no structures, no chair and is not helding any kind of assemblies). They dont affiliate new members. They still have a website but it is not maintained.

Dopamin Thun

Minimum age: 18 years. Members have to visit home and away matches regularly. Website is inactive.

Red White Boys

Reactivated in 2008 after a break. Fanclub from and for young supporters, that are against "modern football". They organise and make the choreographies for FC Thun. 

Block Süd

Governing body founded in 2013 by the Red White Boys, Kyburger Jungs and several individuals. Block Süd represents the new and young generation of FC Thun supporters, that are actively supporting the Club.