About me

FC Thun? FC Thun!

You may probably ask yourself, why I became a supporter of FC Thun, given that the team never won a title and only played fully professional football within the 21st century. Its actually simple. Personally I would compare the bond to a footballclub with the love I feel for a family member. We dont hinge our affection to a close person on his or hers achievements. Somebody wins the Nobel Prize? Someone is elected president of some country? Someone becomes an astronaut and flies to the moon? Well, congratulation! They have my admiration and recognition. But one does not earn love and affection because of such successes.

Regardless if someone is prosperous/prolific, if he/she has done something outstanding or not, someone can deserve the love and affection of his family... if it is a person of good grace and character. The same is true of clubs like FC Thun. Despite all failings and problems, the club never abandoned and was fighting determined and with constant faith for its existence and developement... since 1898. And yes, thats the reason why FC Thun actually IS a traditional club, because tradition is not defined by success either!

Another reason for me being a fan of FC Thun: the other supporters. An average FC-Thun-fan loves unconditionally, and is faithful even in times of failure. Among such people I feel much more comfortable then around fans, that are convinced, that success and achievements are the only things that count.