Usefull links 

Websites Informations
Official website of FC Thun (german)
Fanshop of FC Thun (by Ochsner Sport)
Arena Thun corporation (german)
Swiss Football League - FCT squad list, season schedule, results (german / french)
Fansite, with game reports and more (german)
   Fanclub: Red White Boys (german)
Fan organisation: Block Süd (german)
FC Thun forum (german) : website with informations about europacup-matches of swiss clubs (german).


Collectors & shops

Websites Informations
Largest collection of match worn shirts from switzerland (Dani Kummer)
Huge collection of shirt- and logo-pins of many football clubs
Webshop from Austria with a nice collection of football memorabilia from all over the world
Steven mainly collects matchworn shirts of his favorite club AC Milan, but also from other clubs (swiss teams aswell).
Collection of matchworn shirts of TuS Koblenz.
 MWSwiss  Collection of match worn and player issued shirts from swiss football clubs