1948 FC Thun anniversary publication (50 years)

Second anniversary publication of FC Thun, from 19948. Written by Hans Luder. I know there was another publication for the 25th anniversary, but I have never seen one.

1973 FC Thun anniversary publication (75 years)

Publication produced for the 75th anniversary of FC Thun.

1981 FC Thun 1998 - Wir stellen uns vor

Small brochure about FC Thun, written and published by Martin Schneider in 1981.

1998 anniversary publication (100 years)

Last anniversary publication from FC Thun. Written in 1998.

2003 FC Thun - Meteor am Schweizer Fussballhimmel

"FC Thun - Meteor am Schweizer Fussballhimmel" is the first of two books, published by Krebser AG from Thun, in 2003.

2005 FC Thun - Griff nach Europas Fussballsternen

Another illustrated Book from Krebser AG in Thun. "FC Thun - Griff nach Europas Fussballsternen" was published in 2005

2009 Meine goldenen Jahre mit YB und dem FC Thun

René Häfeli, the author of this book, is a former goalkeeper from FC Thun. He played for FC Thun from 1953-1955. The book was published bei Verlag Schlaelfi, Interlaken, in 2009.

2014 Hanspeter Latour - "Das isch doch ä Gränni"

Autobiographic book from former FC Thun keeper/coach Hanspeter Latour.