FC Thun stadium: Stockhorn Arena

The Stockhorn Arena replaced the old Lachen stadium, which had been the home of FC Thun since 1954. Construction of the new stadium started in June 2010 and was completed about a year later. The stadium - at that time called "Arena Thun" - officially opened on the 9th of July 2011 with a friendly between FC Thun and 1. FC Köln (2-2). First goal was from Köln-player Milivoje Novakovic after 5 minutes. The first scorers for FC Thun were Dennis Hediger (72') and Milaim Rama (78').

During the construction phase, the ground was called "Arena Thun Süd" (which is actually the name of the nearby autoway exit). The owners were looking for a sponsor that would have been willing to pay for the naming rights, but as they were not successfull, the stadium was simply called "Arena Thun". In february 2014, the stadium owners informed, that they finally found a partner: the Stockhornbahn AG. Therefore, the ground will be called "Stockhorn Arena", at least until 2025 (end of contract). 


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Developement of Arena Thun

After citizens voted to reject public funding back in 2006, municipality could not support aspirations of FC Thun. Help came from a consortium of HRS / ARCO financing this development. Construction started in early 2010 to end in mid-2011, with above mentionned opening game in July. The stadium seats some 10'000 people of whom 2'000 have terracing instead of seating, as is the desire of most vibrant supporters. Arena Thun has an artificial pitch.



Mesures 105 x 68 m


Opening 9th july 2011
Owner Genossenschaft Arena Thun



Former stadiums

From 1898 to 1927 FC Thun played on a area called the "Thuner Allmend", which was a military trainings ground. From 1928 till 1954 the club rented a small field in the middle of the town (the Grabengut area - now home of an artificial ice rink). In 1955 FC Thun moved to Lachen stadium (s. picture below), a stadium allready used by athletes since 1954. 

Former stadium of FC Thun: Lachen stadium