NEW items!

27/05/2013 18:00

Last weekend I stumbled over a few new items for my collection, which was quite astonishing, because prior to that I didnt find a single article within weeks. Among other things I found three new match worn shirts. My favorite one: a match worn shirt of  Armand Deumi  (one of my all-time-heroes of FC Thun). The other two shirts: one of Dennis Hediger (signed by the team) and one of Mario Schönenberger (signed by the player). Only downer: the shirts were far too expensive! 

BUT: then I picked up a bargain. Accidently I came across an older scarf in a secondhand shop. Price: 1 Swiss Franc. No idea how old this scarf is, could be 10 or 15 years old, or it could have been made last year. All I know is: I haven't seen such a scarf before. Here some more infos: Hopp-F.C.Thun-scarf. If you know something about this scarf, please dont hesitate to leave a message !


Hopp FC Thun scarf