NEW items & add-on!

09/06/2013 18:00

Two new items, that I recently bought: a match-day pin from Europa League 2005/06 (Hamburger SV - FC Thun) and a match-day scarf from Champions League 2005/06 (Ajax Amsterdam - FC Thun).

FC Thun match-day pin, Europa League 2005/06, Hamburger SV - FC ThunFC Thun match-day scarf, Champions League 2005/06, Ajax Amsterdam - FC Thun

Add-on: I also added two footballs, that are allready a part of my collection for a while. As I allready menntionned once before, you will only find a part of my collection on this website. From time to time (especially when I didnt buy something during a couple of weeks), I will present some of my "old" items on this website.