NEW items!

24/05/2015 06:07

New: a few more matchworn shirts and some special memorabilia...

First of all I was happy to receive a shirt from Fulvio Sulmoni, matchworn on april 14th. Thun won against FC St. Gallen (4:1).

The following shirt, with the special print on the front "Härzbluet für üse FC Thun", was only produced for one special game against Lucerne, on april 11th. After the match, the club sold all the shirts. First I wasnt sure, if I shall spend that money, and when I finally decided to do so, it was too late. All the shirts from players that were playing that day, had been sold allready. Lukas Schenkel was actually in the squad, but he didnt play. So this shirt is more "benchworn" than "matchworn". But I dont care ;).

Then I received 3 more shirts from season 2013/14 (from Cassio, Ferreira and Schirinzi)...


As mentioned before, I was also able to find some memorabilia. First of all we received a unique FC-Thun-mug. It was a beautiful gift from Sarah Suri! Thanks Sarah!!

Then I found a car model from AWM: the team bus from FC Thun (Wenger Reisen)...

...and a special phone card with a picture of FC Thun:

My next find was a programme from the match FC Thun against german side Hamburger SV (UI-Cup):

...and last but not least, a new pennant from FC Thun: