NEW items!

30/06/2013 17:00

Two match worn shirts and a signed pennant: these are the pickings of last week. I didnt receive the expected pin yet and one of the bought match worn shirts has not arrived yet either, but instead I received another one as a gift. So this is new: a match worn away shirt from David Pallas (Champions League season 2005/06) and another match worn away shirt from Enrico Schirinzi (2011/12):

FC Thun match worn shirt, 2005/06, no. 22, David Pallas  FC Thun match worn shirt, 2011/12, no. 27, Enrico Schirinzi

Furthermore I was offered a match day pennant from the Champions League qualification 2005/06, FC Thun - Dynamo Kyiv, signed by the team.

2005/06 CL qualification, match day pennant FC Thun - Dynamo Kyiv