New shirts & items

31/07/2017 00:30

New items received in the last few months: a couple of (mostly signed) matchworn shirts from the last two seasons and some memorabilia. I was able to gather 5 shirts from season 2015/16, f.e. one that belonged to Nicolas Schindelholz:

... and I received 11 more shirts from season 2016/17. An away shirt from Déjan Sorgic for example and a matchworn shirt from Norman Peyretti (special edition shirt "Härzbluet für üse FC Thun"):



The special edition shirts from the field players have an imprint on the front of the shirt, citing the names of all fans that payed an amount to the crowd funding project "Härzbluet für üse FC Thun". FC Thun had some severe financial problems, and this group was able to collect 250'000 swiss francs for the club. 


A few months ago I received two gifts: a fairly ugly wooden tie, that was produced in 1998 (limited edition made for the 100-year anniversary) and a pillbox (unofficial item).