Start of season 2013/14 and EL

08/09/2013 18:00

It's early in September, and FC Thun has played seven rounds of the national championship, the first round of the Swiss Cup and three rounds of the Europa-League-qualification. Six weeks with midweek matches - all in all 14 games. It was a tough schedule for a club with a 27-member-squad (whereof five are from the youth-team, and never or hardly ever played for the first team). Moreover 5-7 players have been on the injury list since the beginning of this season (regular defensive players by a majority). Thats why Thun-players appreciated the break, that was caused by the FIFA World Cup qualification-matches. Now FC Thun has to play some challenging matches in the national championship, in the Swiss Cup and in the Europa League groupstage aswell.

In summer 2013 FC Thun didnt lose a single test-match and actually performed well in the first six matches of this years championship. All the more, everyone in Thun was dissapointed, that the team only attained three draws, two defeats and one single win. Thun was ranked 8th, which was unsatisfactory: they were only five points in front of the bottom club, and 9 points behind the leader.

The swiss championship

What happened? First round (against FC Zürich): FC Thun was leading until the 83rd minute (1:2) and was superiour by every account. But then FC Thun was inattentiv for a short moment, and FC Zürich was able to score in the 84. minute and even breaked the tie in the last 15 seconds of the injury time. FC Thun was able to win the second match (against FC St. Gallen), only to lose in the 3rd round again (against BSC Young Boys). Once more, FC Thun had a comfortable lead (0:2 until the 53. minute), but finally lost the match (3:2). Then came the fourth round, and the most frustrating experience of this season by now: FC Thun played at home against the promoted team FC Aarau. In the 3rd minute, Aarau was awarded a penalty (wrong decision of the referee). The home team was dominating the rest of the match. FC Thun created many goalscoring chances, but only succeeded twice. Well, everyone knows: what goes around, comes around. In the 5th (!) minute of the injury time, Aarau scored a lucky goal: 2:2. This was very disappointing. The next game ended... yes, in a tie aswell (1:1 against FC Luzern), and once more, FC Thun was superior. Then Thun played against FC Sion in the sixth round and should have been awarded a penalty at least once during this match (watch at 17:15). Opinions cant be divided on this issue. But the referee refused a penalty (final result: 0:0). FC Sion was very happy with this result, which says it all. At least FC Thun was fortunately able to win the 7th round against the bottom club FC Lausanne. Now FC Thun is 3 points behind runner-up Grasshoppers Club (which is the next opponent FC Thun will face in the national championship).

Swiss Cup

The first round of the Swiss Cup was played on the weekend of August 17th and 18th. FC Thun played against FC Echallens (1. Liga Classic, which is the fourth division of Switzerland). The game ended 1:3. It was not a commanding win, but FC Thun played with a second-string side and therefore was satisfied, despite the modest result. The second round of the Swiss Cup is played in calendar week 37. FC Thun will meet FC Locarno (Challenge League, second division) on friday, 13th September 2013.

Europa League groupstage

FC Thun has one of the smallest budgets of the Super League. Reaching the group stage of the Europa League therefore was a gift: A participation awards a base fee of €1.3 million. A victory in the group would pay €200,000 and a draw €100,000. But it will be difficult to earn a victory, as the opponents in the group stage are: Dynamo Kiw, KRC Genk and Rapid Wien.

Match schedule group G:

datetimehome team away team
19.09.21:05FC Thun-SK Rapid Wien
03.10.19:00KRC Genk-FC Thun
24.10.19:00Dynamo Kyiv-FC Thun
07.11.21:05FC Thun-Dynamo Kyiv
28.11.19:00SK Rapid Wien-FC Thun
12.12.21:05FC Thun-

KRC Genk

Informations about the history of FC Thun and about the stadium, you'll find on the corresponding subpage.