Final report season 2013/14

16/04/2015 17:32

Season 2013/14 is history, and FC Thun is not really satisfied with the standings, even if finishing 6th is a better ranking then most "experts" predicted. Furthermore it is unlucky, that the Swiss-Cup-adventure ended in the semi-final. Nevertheless it was a good season for FC Thun.

There would be a lot I would and should write about season 2013/14, but I will keep this article short. Concerning the Swiss Cup semi-final against FC Zürich there is one sentence that describes it perfectly: there may be an undeserved loser, but not an undeserved winner. Zürich and Thun were evenly matched, but good fortune seemed to be with the home team Zürich only. Man of the match: David Da Costa. Zürichs keeper made the match of his life and saved his team the victory over an unlucky FC Thun.

The swiss championship

In the beginning of the past season, no-one expected Thun to finish better then on 5th or 6th place. And this still was the case at the end of march 2014. The full year target at that time was to stay in the highest league. But then FC Thun kicked of a run of victories, and three matches before the end of season, FC Thun still had the hypothetical chance to finish on 3rd place. Two reasons are responsible for the fact, that FC Thun only reached 6th place in the end.

1. The players were fighting hard, an they were willing to win, but they were not enough consistent and there was also a lack of luck.

2. Referees. I dont like clubs that always blame the referees, because they didnt attain the targets. No one is faultless, so it is normal and absolutely human, that referees make mistakes aswell. I also think, that it is absolutely ridiculous, to accuse the football association or the referees that they deliberately manipulate the championship. Nevertheless it happens, that certain clubs are disadvanted - more than other clubs. And in this season this unfortunately is the case with FC Thun, which is easy to prove.

a) On one handside, there are the statistics, f.e. penalties. Lets compare 4th placed FC Lucerne and FC Thun (three points behind Lucerne). Lucerne "received" 8 penalties, some of them illegaly granted (*). Thun is the only team of the Swiss Football League, that wasnt awarded a single penalty during the whole season (but six penalties were given against Thun)! And there were definitely enough incidents where the referees could or even definitely should have given a penalty for Thun (especially if you objectively compare these incidents with those from other clubs, that actually were awarded with a penalty). To be fair: there were situations, where Lucerne should have been awarded even 2 or 3 more penalties, so one could say, that there was some kind of retribution for the illegaly granted penalties. But the problem is: there was no retributive justice for FC Thun. And this fact alone shows the iniquitous distortion of the competition.

b) Sometimes wrong decisions of referees are easy to identify. F.e. if a forward stands two meters in the offside, and a score is given nevertheless. But at times the course of a game is influenced in a more subtil way. Lets say, the referee does brandish a yellow card instead of only caution a player, or he decides that there was an offside, where one would say that the forward and the defender were on an equal line, or the referee gives a free kick instead of letting play the advantage (which probably would have resulted in a goal). No one is going to talk about such "marginal" decisions. But they can actually block the flow of play of a certain team and they can have a huger influence on the outgoing of a match, then a single, completely wrong decision. If a referee treats both teams equally stern, then its ok, but a game can be considerably manipulated, if only one team is called of all the time. For example: no other team of the Raiffeisen Super League was called for being offside as many times as the players of FC Thun (and there were quite a few really questionable decisions).

In fact, there were at least four matches during last season, when the referees obviously made a wrong decision IN FAVOUR of FC Thun. For example there was this game, when defender Nicolas Schindelholz saved on the line, but unintentionally used his hand (that should have been a penalty against Thun), or the tackling between Sanogo and Gashi, where Gashi was injured (that could have been a red card instead of a yellow one), and once a goal was given, that was definitely shot from an offside position. The point is: these situations were flogged to death by the medias, especially the swiss TV. Thats why the impression was created, that FC Thun did come of well with the decisions of the referees. But this definitely isnt true. There were just countless of comparable cases, where FC Thun was disadvantaged, but either the referees and the medias played it down, or simply ignored it. F.e. it happened a few times in season 13/14, that a goal of FC Thun was disallowed - which was a wrong decision more than once. For the swiss TV this was mostly not even worth a side note, or they said it was a right decision, even if it wasnt (it is easy to show the long-shot, that seems to prove this view, even if a close-up would clearly prove the opposite).

Personally I think, that there is no intention behind these false decissions, but that there is a psychological aspect, that could be responsible. The big, traditional clubs enjoy the privilege of being treated with a more instinctive feeling. Wrong decisions against clubs with a huge amount of fans are much more condemned than wrong decisions against small, "unimportant" clubs. Being blamed by 10'000 supporters from Basel is much more noticeable, than being blamed by 100 supporters from Thun. My wish for the upcoming seasons: a goal-cam and a psychological instruction of the referees ;)


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