Old badge from FC Thun, version 2

Old badge from FC Thun, version 2

Old pin/badge from swiss side FC Thun, produced in the 1980s. With a plain backside and no inscription. This kind of badge (with the crest of the city of Thun) was produced during four decades. There are several almost identical versions, with only small differences. 

Informations about this version: 

Producer unknown
Length of the needle 4 cm
Material goldcoloured metal, blackened backround
Lettering FC THUN
Coloration of the crest enamelled (thick, strong coating)


FC Thun pin badge / insignia from the 1980s (backside)

General Infos

Until now, I found at least five different versions of pin badges of that style. Some of them were made by the swiss company Huguenin, other had no producer-marks. The insignias of Huguenin were identical in from and size. Compared with other pins, the lettering is different. Huguenin always wrote: F.C. THUN (with a point after F and C). 

At a first glance, the badges of other producers look almost the same. But the form of the crest is mostly more bulbous and the needle is shorter. The lettering: FC Thun (without point after F and C).

There are goldcoloured, silvercoloured and broncecoloured badges. You will also find differences of the coloring/enamelling. Some pin badges have a thick layer of enamel, others only have a slight one, or none at all. Im not sure if those without enamelling have been produced that way, or if the enamelling was removed by some owner, because parts of it were dammaged.