1982 FC Thun records: "FC-Thun", pts + Rita (45er)

1982 FC Thun records: "FC-Thun", pts + Rita (45er)

Probably there have been other records of FC-Thun-songs prior to this production, but personally I actually dont know any older ones. This song was composed by Buddy Smith and was recorded by the Peter Trachsel Sextett (PTS) + Rita at the Sinus-studio in Berne in 1982.

At that time FC Thun only played in fourth division (Swiss 2. Liga), and the musicians therefore decided to only release the recording in a very small quantity. Even after 1983 (Thun was promoted to the third division), the band could'nt sell many of these 45er's. As this record was not available commercially, only a few singles are still circulating on the market.

The band: Peter Trachsel (Gesang/cl/ts), Anton Mani (trp), Hans Häubi (git), Kurt von Allmen (b), Rolf Eichenberger (p/ep), Robert Gysin (drs) and as a guest Rolf Suter (tb/as).

Vocals: Rita


If you would like to listen to this song, you can find an online version on soundcloud:

soundcloud: pts - FC Thun